About Letters to Literature
Episodic stories told through handcrafted letters.

Do you see that little door in the wall? It’s just there . . . behind those geraniums. It looks to be forgotten — dusty, weathered with age — but looks can be deceiving. Would you like to know where it leads? I’ll show you. Take my hand and come with me. Mind the geraniums. Watch your head.

Welcome to the land of Epistolora, where writing letters by hand and snail mail are still in fashion. But beware, friend, for not all of Epistolora’s residents are as they seem. Watch the mystery of their secret lives unfold as you embark on an epistolary journey and partake of that curiously forbidden sensation — reading someone else’s mail.

Snail Mail
: the antiquated method of letter transportation in which letters are hand-delivered after traveling for one or more days.



Epistolary: a story comprised of, or told through, a series of letters.


About the Author

With an excess of fictional characters rattling around in her head and a love of epistolary stories, Hannah Greendale envisioned Letters to Literature. She can often be found with a pen in hand, jotting down the latest idea she’s had for a story. When she’s not typing out her imaginings on her computer, Hannah enjoys creating postcards or curling up with a good book.